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Earn Permanent Residency by Investing in the U.S.

Foreign nationals who have a substantial amount of capital to invest in the U.S. can qualify to become a lawful permanent resident and be issued a green card. An EB-5 investor visa makes this possible, but it can be a complicated process for individuals to handle alone.

Perdomo Dorsett Immigration Law has experience helping clients qualify and achieve their goals when it comes to investor visas. Our lawyers leverage their 20 years of combined experience to walk our clients through each step of their EB-5 application, which can be a complex and sensitive process. Officials will scrutinize every detail of your application, but with our assistance, we can help you present a strong case that you deserve to live in the U.S. as a result of your investment,

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How Do I Qualify for an EB-5 Visa?

This is not just any visa and not just anyone will qualify for an EB-5. The first qualification requirement is having at least $1.8 million of capital to invest in a U.S. company, or $900,000 if you plan to do so in a Targeted Employment Area (a region of the U.S. facing economic hardship and needs jobs to stimulate its economy).

You must also be planning to invest in a for-profit commercial entity that will be based in the U.S., and it must create at least 10 full-time jobs also based in the U.S. for at least two years.

For clarification, those requirements break down as follows:

  • Perdomo Dorsett Immigration Law

    Invest $1.8 million in a U.S. company or $900,000 if in a TEA region

  • Perdomo Dorsett Immigration Law

    Company must be a commercial for-profit entity

  • Perdomo Dorsett Immigration Law

    At least 10 full-time U.S. jobs should be created for two years

What Exactly is a TEA?

A Targeted Employment Area, as mentioned before, is an economically disadvantaged region in the U.S. These are places where the local unemployment rate is at least 150 percent greater than the national average. Commonly rural communities or those on the outmost bounds of larger population centers, TEAs are places where your business could generate economic vitality for locals.

Because these areas are labeled as such by the U.S. government, work with your attorney to help you determine which TEAs to apply for and build an argument for how your investment could help the region.

Get an Experienced Attorney’s Assistance

To secure your best possible chances of a successful EB-5 application, get the assistance of an attorney who understands the laws surrounding employment immigration law well. Perdomo Dorsett Immigration Law, our EB-5 investor visa attorneys in Dallas share two decades of combined experience that is leveraged on a regular basis for our clients. We can help you achieve your goal of building a profitable investment in the U.S. that puts you on the path to a green card.

Because an EB-5 visa can eventually lead to U.S. citizenship, we understand how important it may be to you and your long-term goals that we do this right for you. Our attorneys will carefully walk you through each step of your visa process to help you take advantage of every possible opportunity that can help you one day achieve U.S. citizenship.

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Client Testimonials Helping Individuals and Families Since 2016

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