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Your Day in Court Can End in Your Favor

If you have received a Notice to Appear placing you in removal proceedings, we understand that you may feel like hope is out of reach. While optimism should be tempered by the facts of your situation, hope is not at all lost just because you have to appear in court. In fact, certain applications to become a Lawful Permanent Resident can only be applied for in court.

At Perdomo Dorsett Immigration Law, we can help you build a defense against your removal from the U.S. by using a number of strategies that may help you win your case. By no means should you take a Notice to Appear lightly, but it is also not a foregone conclusion – you can have your day in immigration court with a defense against removal attorney in Dallas from our firm by your side.

If you need legal assistance to defend against removal proceedings, reach out to Perdomo Dorsett Immigration Law online or by calling to request our assistance.

How Our Lawyers Can Assist You

There are a number of legal actions and tactics we can use to counter the government’s case that you should be deported. For any of these to be effective, though, it is important that you appear for your court dates – failing to appear could cause a judge to order your deportation before we can argue your defense.

The first step our experienced attorneys will take is reviewing your Notice to Appear to determine if the charges against you are sustainable. It may be possible for you to seek termination of your removal proceedings. If proceedings must move forward, you may be eligible for one of the numerous different applications for relief.

Some types of relief include the following:

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    Cancellation of Removal

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    Adjustment of Status

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  • Perdomo Dorsett Immigration Law

    Temporary Protected Status

Your Dallas based attorneys at Perdomo Dorsett Immigration have experience with and have been granted all of these different forms of relief. All of these forms of relief will allow you to remain in the United States with your loved ones. To understand how you may be able to use any of these or another legal method to protect your right to remain in the U.S., consult with a lawyer from Perdomo Dorsett Immigration Law.

Contact us online and tell us you need a legal advocate who can defend your case against removal and deportation from the U.S.

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Client Testimonials Helping Individuals and Families Since 2016

Client Testimonials Helping Individuals and Families Since 2016

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- Tayna Castro

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- Elizabeth Peña Olalde

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