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The United States immigration system has built in multiple immigration mechanisms to provide humanitarian relief to people who are victims of physical abuse, natural disasters, or those who suffer from serious medical conditions. These mechanisms are in place to help individuals find safety and security in the United States. Our compassionate lawyers at Perdomo Dorsett Immigration Law proudly represent clients who need to obtain humanitarian visas or other forms of humanitarian benefits to escape dangerous or extreme circumstances.

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Abuse & VAWA

We take cases on behalf of clients who are being abused by a family member who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) spouses, children, and parents can petition for a humanitarian visa if they are survivors of domestic violence.

Trafficking & T-Visas

T-Visas are reserved for victims of human trafficking and their families. Victims of trafficking in the U.S. who report the crime to authorities and help with the investigation are granted T nonimmigrant status. This means they can obtain work authorization and temporary status for eligible family members. This status lasts for up to four years. Once it expires, T-Visa recipients are eligible to apply for lawful permanent residence.


Were you or your minor child victims of a serious crime that occurred in the U.S.? If you report the crime, you and your family may be eligible to apply for a U-visa. This visa will allow you to legally live in the country temporarily. You must report the crime to the proper law enforcement agency and cooperate with the investigation and help prosecutors. Like T-Visas, U-Visas provide work authorization and temporary status for four years, after which you can apply for lawful permanent residence.

How We Can Help You

Perdomo Dorsett Immigration Law has successfully helped those in the past escape persecution, violence, or other circumstances and provided them refuge in the United States. We can advise you in deferred action, a stay of removal, asylum, parole in place, TPS, U-Visas, and other humanitarian matters to help you legally enter the U.S. or remain in the U.S. in lawful status. We have experience handling complex immigration law matters in Dallas and across Texas.

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Client Testimonials Helping Individuals and Families Since 2016

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